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Remove bloatware from the Orange San Francisco

I intend to introduce the Orange San Francisco some time. Briefly, it’s a ZTE Blade running Android 2.1 with a few terrible Orange apps, available for £90£99 from Argos.

Unfortunately, Orange don’t allow you to remove the Orange apps in the same way that other apps are removed (via the Applications menu). To remove them, we first need root access to the phone.

How to root the Orange San Francisco

  1. Install AppsInstaller
  2. Download Universal Androot (md5sum: 51fd17c2df1a264a5cf8dfadd0c53216 ) to your SD card.
  3. Install Universal Androot to your San Francisco via AppsInstaller.
  4. Open Universal Androot and click “Root :-)”

How to remove an Orange app

Be very careful in this section. Root access is nothing to be taken lightly. You have access to remove critical components of your Android phone. Only remove apps that you know you can safely remove.

Once rooted, apps can gain root access. Many apps are capable of removing apps. I have used Titanium Backup in this tutorial, because it’s free.

  1. Install Busybox (required for Titanium Backup)
  2. Install Titanium Backup
  3. Open Titanium Backup. (It should have requested root access. Grant it root access.)
  4. Go to “Backup/Restore”.
  5. Select the app you wish to remove.
  6. Click “Backup !” to backup, then “Un-install !” to uninstall.

Bloatware apps that I removed without problem

  • Docs on the Go
  • Guitar Hero
  • Midnight Bowling 2
  • Orange App Shop
  • Orange Backup
  • Orange Headlines
  • Orange Homescreen
  • Orange Homescreen Selector
  • Orange Mail
  • Orange Maps
  • Orange Messaging
  • Orange TV
  • Mobile Weather
  • TouchPal
  • TouchPal French Pack
  • TouchPal Spanish Pack

If you were able to safely remove any more bloatware apps, mention it in a comment, so others can more confidently remove them too. These bloatware apps truly are awful.

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