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Using DLNA on an LG 32LD490

Update: LG already document this, and describe a better solution, so don’t bother reading this blog post.

DLNA is a standard for streaming video between two Internet-connected devices. This blog post describes how to stream video from a PC to an LG 32LD490 via DLNA.

Make sure to:

  1. Connect your TV to the Internet (e.g. by ethernet, though wifi supposedly works too, if you have an expensive adapter of some sort)
  2. Set your computer up as a DVLA server (using software such as Serviio)
  3. Have a USB stick plugged into the TV (this is required, even though we won’t use the USB stick…)

Now, whenever you want to stream a video from your computer to your monitor:

  1. Press ‘Input’ on the LG remote
  2. Select ‘USB’
  3. Select ‘Movie List’
  4. Select ‘Change device’ (by pressing the red button)
  5. Select ‘DLNA: Servio’ (or similar)
  6. Select ‘Video’
  7. Select ‘Titles’
  8. Then select the video you wish to watch!

Your video should now be streamed from your computer to your LG television.

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